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August 30, 2014

“Internet of Things” bumps “Big Data” as most hyped technology – Gartner

by Howard Fox Chartered Marketer

Gartner’s Hype Cycle Special Report places Internet of Things at the pinnacle of their well known “Hype Cycle”. 

Personally I am a bit surprised. Sure I have seen the vigorous drum-beating by Cisco, and everyone is quoting that $14 billion value of the IoT espoused by Cisco / “multi trillion” valuation by PwC (by 2020), but down here at the tip of Africa, “Big Data” still seems to hold sway by a sizeable margin.

That said, Marketers across the world appear to remain underwhelmed by the real opportunities and threats the IoT offers. I suspect, just like the development of “digital marketing” was effectively driven by technology suppliers and internet startups rather than professional marketers and their service providers – the IoT will again face at best a reticent marketing community, at worse a recalcitrant one.



Press release on Hype Cycle here.

Gartner’s [Free] Hype Cycle Special Report for 2014 here.

PwC report: Sensing the future of the Internet of Things here.







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