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Howard’s CV

Current Positions:

Executive Director: Marketing: Gordon Institute of Business Science

Founding Director: Chemical and General (PTY) Ltd

View Howard Fox Chartered Marketer's profile on LinkedInPrevious positions include:

  • Divisional Director: Group Marketing – Liberty.
  • Various Brand and Marketing positions within the Liberty Group.
  • Founder and Director: Chemical and General (Pty) Ltd.
  • Product Manager: ICI South Africa .
  • Various ‘Business to Business’ Sales Management and Sales positions
  • National Service –South African Airforce 
  • AdVenture Advertising (Pty) Ltd – Photographer; Traffic (Production) Controller

Howard is a BRILLIANT communicator and marketer….it was great to work together and I would work with him again ANYTIME!!” September 22, 2010

Steven BraudoChief Executive: Insurance, Liberty Life

Qualifications include:

Howard’s wit and insight into all-things marketing have made him a popular contributor in our magazine. It’s clear that he’s fully engaged with his subject – as he is able to breathe life into even the most prosaic of topics. For me, a great plus is the series of “aha!” moments he manages to work into each piece, whether through real-world examples or by pointing out how a small change can make a specific tactic relevant to your business. Having covered a variety of topics – from low-cost marketing tactics to how to recover from a PR disaster – Howard has at all times managed to stick to our key aim – offering hands-on advice that our readers can action themselves.

Liz Black InFocus Publishing – publishers of Your Business magazine.

International Exposure:

Received market and product training / attended conferences by principals and suppliers in: 

Ethiopia; Kenya; England; Italy; Portugal; Germany; Holland; Spain; United States; Czech Republic; Australia; China and Hong Kong.

Other achievements:

Marketing Competition Judge:

Judge of the Sunday Times / Marketing Association Marketing Person and Marketing Organisation of the year 2006.

Judged the Roger Garlick media innovation awards  since 2012.

Howard is an extremely talented, and some could say unique, strategic thinker. His ability to match left brain logic, with right brain magic means he’s invaluable to 360 degree ideas.

Brad Dessington CEO at Rogue Brand Agency

Professional Associations

ICI's former headquarters on Millbank London

ICI’s former headquarters on Millbank London. Now MI5’s HQ!

Previous Director: Marketing Association of South Africa.

Previous Deputy Chair: Permanent Advisory Committee (Chartered Marketer) to the Services SETA.

Professional Designations: Chartered Marketer (SA); Certified Financial Planner (CFP) [Resigned in good-standing].

Committee Memberships: Marketing Committee of the Financial Planning Institute of South Africa (2006-2010)

Member: Institute of Directors (SA); Marketing Association of South Africa; Market Research Association of SA;

Howard is an insightful strategic marketer. I often consult him and see him as a benchmark of excellence in the wider marketing profession.

John Arnesen Director Advocacy, Communication and Support at SAQA

Thought Leadership:           

Liberty Life building Cape Town

Liberty Life building Cape Town.

Published in:

  • Encyclopaedia of Brands and Branding;
  • The Annual;
  • The Red Book (editorial);
  • The Marketing Journal;
  • Strategic Marketing;
  • Marketing Web;
  • Succeed Magazine;
  • Your Business Magazine;
  • Directorship (Journal of the Institute of Directors);
  • The Media Magazine;
  • online blog.


Profile of Universities and Professional Bodies

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